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You are viewing MODELLO BUSTA PAGA PDF COMPILABILE on Scopacom. With us you can get high-quality MODELLO BUSTA PAGA PDF COMPILABILE more rapidly, easily and more pleasantly than with other distributors.On Saturday, one of my Facebook friends published this piece by Janet Daley, an ABC News reporter who interviewed me for a while about a story she was writing about alcoholism. I hope she will publish a piece about my recovery from the hard work of learning how to live a sober life, which she described as “a process,” from what I experienced. When Janet asked me to be interviewed about my alcoholism, I was wary. She had contacted me several times in the past and I finally wrote her back. “I’ve been arrested six times for drinking,” I told her. “I’m fairly sure you don’t want me to give an interview to a reporter about drinking.” And I did mention I had recently attempted suicide, because I am extremely open about my depression and don’t want anyone to think it’s okay to drink and go on. I told her all of that. Then I said I was open to being interviewed about my experience with recovery from alcoholism, and how I am doing. She wrote back and said she would write about my experience. “I look forward to telling the story of your progress,” she said. I told her I was doing a lot of therapy and would like to tell the story of how my recovery is evolving. I asked if she would hold off on publishing anything until I’m done. “I understand your concerns,” she wrote back. “But I want to be very clear in stating that there will be no further delay. This story will be told in full.” So, here is the first of what I hope will be many interviews about my experience of recovery from alcoholism. Please comment on what you think. — Janet Daley When I started working on this story I wondered: “What’s the connection between alcohol and a reporter’s job?” I’m a writer and I’ve worked as a reporter for 15 years. I’ve interviewed people in prison. I’ve interviewed





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